Working Conditions and Human Rights

This Code of Conduct represents the commitment of The Keywear Company to essential working standards. Keywear’s staff and sub-contractor staff is its greatest asset and should be valued and treated accordingly. In recognition of their contributions, Keywear has developed policies and practices designed to assure that employees working with or in relation with Keywear enjoy the protections afforded by the principles articulated in this Code. The Company’s guiding principles, as listed below, are consistent with, and in many instances, derived from the following human rights frameworks and charter.

In certain situations, local legal requirements, labor agreements and other contractual and non-contractual arrangements may modify portions of this Code. Nevertheless, we believe that the concepts in this Code represent important fundamental values that should serve as the cornerstone in all aspects of the employment relationship.

Keywear will to the extent possible, monitor the performance of their sub-contractors and will only maintain cooperation with contractors who are performing in alignment with this code of conduct. We respect that it may take some time achieve these standards. If this is the case, the supplier shall present solutions for improvement to Keywear. If failed to do so within a reasonable length of time the relation between Keywear and the supplier in question will be terminated. Any discrepancy from the code of conduct by the supplier shall be reported to the most senior ranking local official and brought forth to Keywear immediately so that a solution can be brought up and put into action as soon as possible.

Below the term employees includes both Keywear’s employee and sub-contractor employees that is within Keywear’s range of influence. Keywear buys raw material from external suppliers such as amazon but also from other companies located in relative low cost countries. We recognize that there is a risk that suppliers do not operate in alignment with legal requirements when it comes to working or environmental conditions. This is hard to track and even more difficult to influence. We strive to always make ethical and moral choices when it comes to suppliers and partners.

Child labour

We will not use child labour. We will never employ any person below the age of 15, unless this is part of an authorized job training, training, apprenticeship program clearly beneficial to the participating person.


We will provide compensation and benefits complying with applicable law in order to promote as much as possible our employees’ material well-being.

Forced labour

We will not use forced labour, regardless of its form. We will not tolerate physically abusive disciplinary practices.

Right to Work and Freedom of Association

We recognize and respect our employees’ right to work and to freely and bargain collectively as it is not banished by law. We will work constructively with our employees, or any organization that represents our employees, to promote our employees best interests. We will seek to provide opportunities for employees’ concerns to be heard.

Harassment and discrimination

We will not tolerate harassment or discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability, or veteran status..

Health and safety

We will provide and maintain for all employees a safe and healthy working environment that meets or exceeds applicable regulations for occupational safety and health.

Work hours

We will comply with applicable law regulating hours of work. The salaries are higher or equal to the legally based minimum wage or the level which corresponds to the norm within the industry. Any extra salary for overtime work is added to the basic salary

Environment and sustainability

We will conduct business in an environmental-friendly and responsible way. We will seek to reduce and minimize the environmental impact of all our operations in the short term in order to ensure sustainability in the long term.


Any negative effects on the environment caused by the operations are continuously tried to be decreased and any unused materials is recycled as far as possible.