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This is how we achieve perfection

We Remember You 

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We keep records of all our customers. We constantly make updates to those records when you buy from us according to your feedback and changes to measurements you send when ordering.

If you have bought clothes from our store in “country” we have kept all the notes we made about your body proportions. We have interpreted this information and made measurements for you. We have saved these measurements on your Account Profile.

OBS: We handle all this information very carefully, you can read more about this here.

If your clothes does not fit

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We almost always get the clothes to fit perfect for the first time but sometimes we do not get it right for first time customers.  Not only do we have amazenly skilled tailors but as we want a long lasting relationship with you we have Perfect Fit Guarantee to assure you get perfect fitted clothes. We learn from our misstakes and compensate you for the wrong. At the same time we update our records of you so that your next order will be perfect!

Get expert help

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As we have said before we keep much information about your body proportions. Some of that information we have saved for you in your  Account Profile. You can anytime adjust and double check your measuements and photos.

If you need help with those measurements or photos you can anytime contact either or tailor’s or support team in Sweden. We also have videos and guides as an extra precaution.